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Brave Celebrities Who Decided to Ink Their Faces: See Which One Has 30 Tattoos!


A piercing on your face may not land you an office job in a reputable company, but it may be worse if you have a face tattoo. Rappers, celebrities, and wannabes are seen sporting this type of art without minding the stigmas surrounding facial inks.

Most people associate those who have a face tattoo to a despicable attitude. Inks on the head are also seen as a product of bad decisions of a person who just wants attention.

Nevertheless, if you want art on your face or body, it is entirely your call since it’s your skin – after all, nobody should tell you what you can or cannot do to your body. Need inspiration for your next ink? Check out these celebrities who let a tattoo artist design their faces:

Post Malone

Post Malone may be the poster boy for having an inked face but he is actually a very decent human being. Despite being a talented musician, the 24-year-old revealed that he adorned his face with tattoos because of his lack of self-confidence.

Post Malone had his face inked because of his insecurities

For the Sunflower hitmaker, his tattoos make him seem cool and cover his face, which he found ugly. There is a Stay Away ink above his right eyebrow and the words always and tired under each of his eyes that vaguely scream about his insecurities.

Lil Wayne

If you’re looking for tattoo inspiration, then look no further than Lil Wayne’s face and neck that has a total of 30 tattoos, most of which have meanings. From song titles and tributes to his mom, the Lollipop rapper has it all.

Lil Wayne paid tribute to his mom with his tattoos

In between his eyes is a cursive letter C, which is the initial of his mother’s name, Cita, as well as a momma’s boy tattoo in Arabic script above his left eyebrow. He also changed a teardrop design to a tribal symbol because his mom said he had too many on his face.

For a boy who is covered with tattoos, he sure listens to his momma a lot.

Presley Gerber

Most people see models as flawless and if they do have tattoos, these aren’t usually obvious. If they are visible, they could easily be altered through Photoshop or be hidden by a good coverage foundation.

Well, for Presley Gerber’s make-up artist, he or she should have something good to cover the 20-year-old’s misunderstood tattoo under his right eye if a client requests it.

Presley Gerber thinks it’s unfair that people started to hate him because of his face tat

For Kaia Gerber’s brother, he thinks that it is unfair that no one bats an eye when other people change their appearances through plastic surgery but when he got his face inked, naysayers started hating him.

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