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Marie Kondo is Also the Queen of Working from Home! Here are Her Tips to Getting Things Done on Time

Marie Kondo is everyone’s ultimate organizing guru, but with the Covid-19 outbreak that coerced us to stay in our abodes, she proved that she is also a master at working from home. While it can be hard to separate your job from your role in the household with the current setup, what can make it even more difficult is if you add kids to the already chaotic mix!

If it seems impossible, the Tidy Queen showed that it isn’t – just look at her, she is at the top of her business even when she’s at her house, caring for her two kids. Don’t worry, she has precious tips so that you can enjoy working from home like her:

Have Something that Sparks Joy

In her Netflix show, we learned from the organizing goddess that when decluttering, you should ask yourself whether a thing sparks joy. If yes, then you may keep it but if not, it goes straight to the bin either for dumping or donating.

Joy plus are things that spark happiness at your workspace, like a small plant

This time, find things, which she calls joy plus, that will bring happiness to you even when you’re working, be it a house plant or a jade roller. They wouldn’t be categorized as clutter as long as you keep them neatly placed.

Organize Your Work Space

Marie advises keeping your table organized and tidy, and the best way to do this is to keep unnecessary things off it. She went on to underline how crucial this step is because too much clutter on your desk will distract you from your tasks and will eat up your time from looking for the things you need.

Have Time for Your Kids and Let Them Know Your Schedule

Especially if you have toddlers around the house, focusing on your work can prove to be a challenging task. That’s why Marie recommends laying down a schedule and itemizing the activities with them like reading books, which will help them create a routine.

Schedule your kids’ activities

That also means telling them when it is time for work. This may mean closing the door to let them know that you are busy – but, of course, that will not guarantee that they wouldn’t barge in anytime.

Take Breaks

Don’t forget to take coffee or tea breaks

Working from home is a boon and a bane – yes, you have a flexible schedule but that is also a disadvantage in the sense that you may lose the track of time. Set an alarm for when you need to stand and get a snack or coffee.

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