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Is Future Working from Home? Here’s How Your Job Could Change After the Lockdown

There’s an undeniable upswing in the number of people who choose to work from home now that the threat of Covid-19 has become our new reality. Companies, likewise, have been forced to make their employees work remotely as much as possible. but with no end to this pandemic yet in sight, could this workplace shift be the new future?

Even before this global virus outbreak, there has been a rise in the number of telecommuters and with the current situation, more and more self-quarantining workers are starting to favor this structure. Many employees who have been sent home to do their job are now questioning the need to even go to the office when they could finish their tasks at the comfort of their abode.

According to flexwork expert Cali Williams Yost, the concept of work has been changed forever because of the Covid-19. The Flex + Strategy Group founder also added that remote work was tailored for dire times like this.

Workers are sent home to accomplish their tasks

Several studies prove how productive staff become when working at home, which is understandable because they wouldn’t need to stress out in commuting. This setup also eliminates anxiety for employees because they won’t need to interact with toxic bosses and officemates in person.

In the midst of this pandemic, some companies have noticeably been more considerate of their staff, like Canopy, a Utah-based tax software brand, that will fund yoga balls for their work-at-home employees.

It’s Not for Everybody

It may sound like an ideal scenario but it is worth noting that not everyone has internet or computer or the equipment needed to work at home. Overwhelmed: Work, Love & Play When No One Has the Time author Brigid Schulte described remote working as a sign of privilege.

Grocery clerks don’t have the luxury to stay at home

There are also industries that require in-person work even in moments like this, including grocery clerks and doctors. A study from Pew Research Center found that those who live in rural areas, old people, and those with a low level of education have a lower chance of having a broadband connection, which means it is not possible for them to opt for this employment structure.


Experts are divisive on whether working from home is really the future but what’s certain is that the Covid-19 problem has really changed how things operate. After this chaos, it is unclear whether companies will allow their employees to remotely do their jobs, given that pre-outbreak, many were against this setup.

Employees complain about their managers always worrying about their productivity

Other bosses fear their staff wouldn’t get things done without anyone personally manning them. According to a survey in March, most employee complaints stem from their managers’ worries about their productivity while at home.

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