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3 Foolproof Ways to Not Give in to Your Sugar Cravings


Scary times call for desperate measures and by this we mean the Covid-19 pandemic as the problem and sweets as the answer to the stress brought about by this health threat. No, sugary treats couldn’t really cure the new strain of the coronavirus but it could somehow alleviate our fears and anxiety – or is it doing more harm than good?

With the widespread anxiety-inducing news about the skyrocketing figures of infected people and deaths, it is understandable if you just want to cocoon in your room with a pint of Ben & Jerry’s. If you’re a businessowner or a work-from-home employee, your hectic schedule seemingly makes it OK to grab a protein bar kept in the nearest drawer.

While this may be reasonable at times, these foods are filling up your body with sugars more than what’s necessary and safe. Excessive intake can lead to cancer, heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and it is also known for wreaking havoc on our mental health – so yes, it is more dangerous than helpful.

That doesn’t mean you need to ditch sugar altogether, after all, it’s really unavoidable. Here are foolproof ways to minimize your intake:

Be Observant

Observe how certain foods can make you feel. This means checking your mood, energy level, and focus as well as the times when you feel irritable or just plain off.

Eating sweets can cause mood changes

Have you noticed a sudden shift in your mood a few hours after eating an entire cake? Did you feel sleepy after an adrenaline rush from eating all the chocolates in your pantry?

There might be a common denominator on why you’re feeling sluggish or why you’re finding it hard to concentrate. Don’t act surprised when you see that it’s the sugary stuff that’s the culprit.

Educate Yourself

Sugar comes in all names, which is why even conscious people don’t know that they are consuming food filled with this unhealthy ingredient. Always check the marketing claims and don’t believe anything advertisers claim – it pays to be wary.

Reading nutrition labels can help you avoid consuming too much sugar

It should be stressed enough that you should know how to read nutrition labels. Food expert Marion Nestle recommends that if the daily value percentage is high, don’t consume all of it.

Conduct Experiments

We are not referring to scientific experiments, hence you don’t need to become a scientist. Instead, you need tons of trials-and-errors to see how your body reacts to different food.

You can avoid too much sugar in your food by replacing some of your snacks with healthier options

Try swapping things you’ve been accustomed to with the healthier options. For example, instead of ordering smoothies, why not make your own – that way, you are sure about the things you put in your drink.

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